Towers is a collection of illusions about a specific human delusion. Namely that failure is a bad, bad thing. There is no space to fail in this day and age. The unproductive human is an undesirable human, the antihero has lost his battle. ‘Towers’ is no more than that. It is claiming the right to spend time on a useless obsession. It will not cure cancer and it will not feed the world. It will not even stand the test of time. The towers will collapse and all that is left to show for them is a record that once for a brief period they stood tall like totem poles to a time spent refusing to chase the proverbial hamster wheel. The question is whether a declaration of purpose might protect you from failure.

Ultimately each tower was a way to learn how to learn to let it all go. They collapsed, dissolved, dismantled and burned, and to me this was beautiful. 

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