One of the largest global failures in the recent years was the 2008 economic crash. This event was so devastating that the ripples of doubt in regards to the financial industry are still felt today and has changed the face of banking forever.

I was curious to find out more about these Wizards of Oz. I wanted to know more about them, how they work, what they feel and how they think about their environment. I wanted to explore what was behind the façade of an industry in which “image” is so carefully constructed out of fear that which they rely on most – trust – will be broken. What ensued were 12 interviews with the individuals working in financial industry in “The City”.

After each interview the duration was recorded as well as a snapshot made. I proceeded by using a cross-stich technique to translate their snapshot into an embroidered portrait. The time given by each individual is transformed into the time I have put into working on the cross-stitch. If the individual gave a lot of time a detailed portrait appears. If the individual gave little time and unclear and unfinished portrait is the result.

This age old technique is the first form of embroidery and it was not only used as a tool to teach young women the necessary sewing techniques but also about core values. Framed samplers were hung on walls teaching generations “home was where the heart is” and other such creeds. For a very long time it was not considered as art (question is if perhaps it is still so today) and one can wonder why this would be so. 

Souls, Ties and a Pile of Carrots is my attempt to break the hyper constructed image of the London’s financial district by slowly, patiently and carefully cross-stitching faces of their players.

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